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Hi! This is Christopher, the graphic designer/animator and store manager for Down the Rabbit Hole. Sadly, we have a delay in the delivery of the pins. The Store page’s estimates were overly optimistic and for that I apologize. However, me and Deeribou are committed to keeping all of you in the loop about your orders and I will be updating the page with news that I get from Deeribou in the future! If you’ve received the update email, this will re-hash or include quotes directly from the message you’ve already received, if you’d like to skip to the Tweets to see the pins in progress feel free to do so! (At the bottom of the page on mobile)

I can always be reached if you have any questions regarding the pins or the store via Discord (@Arcaxon) or via email at: Arcaxonia@DownTheRabbit.Store
You can also contact Deeribou via email at:

Published: 7th April 2024 | Last Updated: 14th of May 2024

Status of the first 50 of 100 Pins:

“The first 50 pins are nearly done, with only some minor fixing of imperfections, polishing, and gold plating. After that, it’s on to packaging and shipping! Most of the materials I’ve already made(For all 100), but parts like the tin liner, card frame, and outer packaging still need making.”
– Lilliana “Deeribou”

All 50 pins will be shipped within a few days of each other. We are not giving any estimates as to when it will be shipped, however you will receive an email with a tracking number in the coming weeks once your order has shipped! You can always update your address by contacting before you receive a tracking number.
This first batch of 50 includes all early patron orders!

Status of the second batch of 50 Pins:

The next batch of pins will be the last 50 pins, these pins will begin production once the first 50 pins have been shipped and updates will be posted here. These pins will probably take less time to make than the first 50 pins. Once the pins are close to completion, we will send out an email to confirm everyone’s addresses, so don’t worry if you may have moved or need to change your shipping address!

List of emails that have been or will be sent:

In the future these are the emails regarding your order which will be or have been sent to you:

  • An address confirmation email(A few weeks before shipping);
    50/100 Have received these. (These were sent out prematurely for the first 50 pins, but have all been sent.)

  • A tracking number email when your order ships;
    0/100 Have received these.

  • An update email if any unforeseen issues arise about your order.

A commitment from Deeribou

“Although it may take longer than I would hope, I promise every single person will get their pin, come hell or high water. I made a commitment to you, and I will never fall through on that.”
– Lilliana “Deeribou”